Make Money with Cams

You’ve heard about the girl down the street making thousands of dollars a week from her home using just her simple $50 WebCam that she got for Christmas 5 years ago. You’ve heard about the folks that simply promote girls like the one down the street making thousands of dollars a month. Have you asked yourself: why aren’t I making that money?!

It’s likely because you think it’s TOO HARD.

But guess what?

You’ve been lying to yourself!

It’s actually not hard at all, to make money as a cam performer or a cam promoter, you just need a little guidance and a little bit of elbow grease. (Sorry, this is not a get-rich-quick scam, but you will make serious money if you follow this blog and APPLY what we teach you.

Over the coming weeks, months, and even years we will post what we know about the billion-dollar WebCam industry. Everything from being a rock star performer that brings in serious sums of cash daily to being an uber promoter sending traffic to the best WebCam companies and raking in the dough.

This is just a first post of many, getting you prepared for what’s to come.

To get you started though, we are going to recommend Chaturbate. It’s a completely free platform so surfers love to sign up. Cam performers love it because of the great tips. Cam promoters can’t get enough of it because of the long-term great revenue (plus bitcoin payouts!)

To begin making money with cams as a performer with Chaturbate, click here.

To begin making money with cams as a promoter with Chaturbate, click here.