Do Not Doubt the Power of Cams

Last night I’m watching some TV and I get an email from my buddy Danny. Haven’t talked to Danny in a bit, was excited to see what he’s been up to.

Danny always cracks me up. We go way back. I’ve been “showing” him tips and tricks over the years on how to make some extra cash, the way I’ve made cash, and it never goes right. In fact the reason I put showing in quotes is because he never listens to me! The dude is a good guy but no matter what I do or say or show he seems to think I’m full of shit, even though time and time again I show him I’m not!


Anyway, there was a commercial (yes I watch commercials) and I check out my email from Danny. Sure enough. Same old story. LOL.

Another friend told him that I was starting this blog about how to make money with cams and suddenly Danny is all excited. He wants to know more. “Do you think I could be a performer? I haven’t worked out in a bit. Or should I stick with traffic?”

I laughed to myself because I’ve had this conversation with him (making money, not him being chubby) dozens of times over the years and no matter how many times I tell him what to do, he says it won’t work, and then he stopped asking about it.

Only until I find my next pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. LOL.

What’s my point here?

You might be skeptical. Your friends might be skeptical. Maybe you even told your partner and they are skeptical too. That’s cool, whatever. You don’t have to follow along. You don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to even TRY.

Nobody is making you.

But since you read this far, I have a tinkle that you might just believe there are riches inside that $50 camera on top of your computer. Or maybe you don’t want to go the performer route (like myself) and that’s totally cool, because I’m going to be showing you also how to promote cams and make money that way.

I’m still writing up the action plan. I want my first post to be a goodie. There’s a lot of material that we need to cover over the next few months, years… Who knows, maybe we will be here in decades. I’ve been doing shit like this since the 90s.

I am laying out the very first “action step” that anyone can take to get making money with cams. Hang in there. Be patient. Come back again soon and I’ll have that first step ready soon.

Until then, go ahead and get a jump on this moneymaking party by clicking here to join Chaturbate as an affiliate. By signing up and becoming an affiliate now, it saves you a step later when I drop the first action step.

Even if you plan on being a performer, you want to learn how to be a cam affiliate. Why? Imagine having the power that your disposal to drive people to your performances to boost your overall earnings. That’s how that girl down the street is making thousands of dollars a week. She’s got her audience. She’s got her fans. She knows how to make them to empty their pockets.

And that, my friend, is what I’ll be teaching you.

As for Danny? I’m done one-on-oning with that silly goose. He can get his info by reading this blog just like you, LOL.

Anyway, check back soon. Your world is about to change.